Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Hey, Apple, How's iWork Coming Along

Though there is no official word from Apple, but it does seem like everyone is assuming that the MacBook updates will happen tomorrow. Let's assume that to be the case. Hey, Apple, where's iWork?

I passed on the last update but I am so ready for this one. There are a couple of features that I can sure use that are available in the current version but I like to see if the next one makes it even better.

One I am interested in very much is publication to iBooks and/or other ebook stores through Pages or another app. I am talking more that just ePub.

Also, I am hoping for a simple app dev program that I hope Apple release. You know, a fun sort of App-making for dummies.

Regardless, I eagerly await the next update. Hopefully, this will happen soon. Oh, and some tie-in with MobileMe would be great too.

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