Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Interesting Things I Read Today: SciFi, Android,

(Economy) Just in.  Refinery explosion in Texas.  Gas up before prices go up this weekend (ABC)

(SciFi, Stargate) I like the idea of a small team.  Of comradery, honor, and sarcrifice.  Wrap all that into a science fiction series, you've got a great TV show.  That's what I think Stargate Atlantis is.   Rewatching it last night, I wondered how folks were on the expedition.  Apparently, there were 50 to 60 on the original trip and may have expanded to as many as 800 by the end of the series.  Good to know our guys in the Pegasus Galaxy were not without company.  (Stargate Handbook)

(iPhone, Verizon) For those of you lucky enough to get your CDMA iPhone already, here's a video on how to enable the personal hotpsot.  Personally, I wouldn't pay any of the carrier a dollar more than I have to, which is why if you're not totally digging for an iPhone or top of the line Android, Virgin Mobile has a great deal on some low-end Android devices.  For $25 a month, you get the unlimited data, text and 300 minutes of talk time. Dave the Mobile Sage already picked up two of them.

(Economy, Politics) The lovefest between the President and powerful Chamber of Commerce didn't last long.  While the President got a warm reception for his speech, the members want to see action.  Specifically, they want to do away with what they perceive as overreaching government regulations and less burden on small biz.  

(Politics, 2012) GOP polled showed that they are willing to back someone, anyone, who can beat President Obama.  Unfortunately, it's the Tea Party that ultimately will have the last say in all this (CNN).  I think we are getting close to GOP announcements challenging Obama for 2012.  But take a look at this post on the list of potential VP candidates that can make or break (like Palin) the ticket (Yahoo).

(Politics, White House) President Obama and GOP Congressional leaders will be getting together for lunch with the topic like about the economy and GOP agendas.  Maybe President Obama can tell them to stop it with the nonsense of healthcare repeal which will not happen so long as he's in office and the Dems control the Senate. Still, a good sign. (MSNBC)

(Science) Days of human dominance on Earth are numbered and not necessarily by our own doing.  Monkey shows more complicated behavior, like covering their eyes to show that they don't want to be bothered.  This is the second story I've come across that demonstrated very complex primate behaviors.  Learned social behaviors was once thought possible only in humans. (Live Science)

(Green) GOP lawmakers sided with the Obama administration just this once in saying that the Court wouldn't know what to do about gas emissions in EPA's attempt to regulate greenhouse gases. Brief filed by GOP said that they are actively working on it with the White House, in ways that I'm not sure is good for the environment I'm sure. Oh, yeah, they also took a shot at Obama too. (NYT)

(Green, Leaf, EV) Nissan dropped the ball with supplying enough Leafs.  Only 20 units were delivered in December 2010 and 89 in January 2011.  It has a backlog of 20K.  And they think they can get it all done by end of summer.  Whatev...Volt vastly outselling the 100 miles per change Leaf so far (CNET)

(Green, Economy) High speed train plan will cost $53 billion on paper, meaning we'll go over budget. Oh, and before we get there, we still have no way of paying for it. China plans to spend about half a trillion.  (MSNBC)

(Google, Android, iPhone)  Android and iPhone makes up 50% of all smartphones sold.  While Apple has more than 50% of mobile profit, one would think that Google stands to make in a large sum through search and ads. However, many of the Android activated were done without Google as the default search engine. (Cult of Mac)

(Apple, Macbook) Looks like Intel has resumed shipping the next generation CPU to manufacturers.  There are words on Blog Street that Macbook Pro supplies are running low.  I reckon Intel's chipset defect has put on hold product launches (there were already recalls). It's not known if Apple will be the beneficiary of these shipments though my Sandy Bridge Macbook Air isn't likely to be refreshed for a while anyway.  (Appleinsider)

(iPhone, Facetime) Dave the Mobile Warrior asked me if I think Facetime is a flop.  Yes, so far, big time. (On Apple)

(Apple, iPad)  EU newspapers are postering over Apple's decision to allow in-app subscriptions, something publishers have been asking for all along.  I, and probably Apple, am confused over the uproar.  Again, it's what they wanted since day one.  Personally, I think they should wait to hear from Apple when they unveiling the subscription feature in the next iOS update. (BBC)

(Android, G-Slate) When it comes to tablets, it's all about Motorola's Xoom and nothing else (hmmm...).  Well, check out LG's G-Slate for T-Mobile with 3D, Tegra 2, 9" screen, and support for T-Mobile's fast HSPA+ network.  Check out the video demoing what it can do.  Still, I recommend going into the store to play with it before order.  (TmoNews)

(HP, Palm, Web OS) Remember tomorrow.  HP's Palm event will either make or break Web OS.  I'm expecting HP to revolutionize mobile devices and tablets.  Anything short of that will be a bust.  

(Android) The whole Android ad market will be worth more than $1 billion by 2012.  A long way to go before reaching $10 billion that former Google CEO predicted.  At $10 a user, that's one billion Android devices.  Yeah, I think it's do able.  (Phandroid)

(Dell, Microsoft, Windows)  Dell has an Android tablet or two but it's also looking to bring some out with Windows.  The Windows version will target the enterprise market.  Not a bad idea.  Maybe with a docking station, it'll be a viable replacement to laptops and challenge Apple and Google. (Liliputing)

(Facebook, ID Theft, Privacy)  Facebook and Twitter users are twice as likely to have their ID stolen. All thanks to Zuckerberg... (MSNBC)

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