Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Quick Thoughts on HP's Web OS Unveiling Today

Quick thoughts on today's HP Web OS announcments:

  • Palm injected much needed DNA into the boring old HP culture.
  • Web OS integration very much like Apple's iTunes-App Store-iOS than Google's loosy-goosy implementation.  You get a sense of what they hope to accomplish.
  • Synergy - get to know this technology.  It's important to HP's Web OS ecosystem.
  • Willing to working with 3rd parties and give them what they want than Apple is.  
  • Web OS is coming to PC - Desktops and laptops  Probably netbooks as well.
  • I don't get this summer announcement.  I fear it'll be too late with iOS 5 and Android 3 coming in weeks.  iPhone 5 is scheduled to be released in the "summer" too.  Remember how the original Pre go clobbered by the 3GS?
  • Web OS integration is what Google is unwilling to take Android 3, Honeycomb.  
  • Web OS likes somewhere between iOS and Android in implementation.
  • Palm with HP's deep pocket is now able to do what it could not with the original Web OS.  
  • Microsoft stands to lose a lot of HP starts selling Web OS PC/laptops than Windows.
  • With HP's product reschedule and Microsoft's Windows 8 on ARM chips, look for Web OS and Windows to go head-to-head.  iOS and Android will still be in the top two positions in terms of units sold.
  • RIM is fraked big time.  HP has deep enterprise ties.  Playbook dead.  Sorry, Blackberry fans.
  • iPad 2 will be king again in 2011.  Playbook dead.  Oh, I said that already.
  • Again, what's with the summer release?!  Xoom to be out in weeks.  iPad 2 soon after that, maybe April
  • Playbook dead.
  • No pricing on HP's mobile products.  No specs on battery life.  Lame on both accounts.
  • Hoping to see Pre on T-Mobile since it supports HSPA+.  HP can make it happen.

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