Tuesday, March 1, 2011

13 Hours Away From iPad 2 (And More?)

We're about thirteen hours away from find out more about the iPad 2.  The official word this time around.  Very excited here at the compound.  The whole crew is working on ready for the onslaught, whatever it is that Apple wants to unleash on us.

Seriously though, I think even if Apple just added a camera onto the iPad 2 for Facetime, it'll be enough to get the hordes of adopters out into the Apple store.  After all, isn't that all that many of us had hoped the original iPad would have?

And from the latest blogs and posts coming through late Tuesday, it appears that iPad 2 will not be leaps and bounds over the current iPad.  Plus, there's talk that Steve Jobs might make an appearance.  I don't know if he will or not but if he does show, it'll probably be to get the attention from the fact that the iPad 2 will not exhibit all the bells and whistles that the rumored for months.

Still, it does show the confidence that Apple have.  With Google finally releasing a true Android OS for tablet and a top notch tablet in the Xoom, Apple can still cruise right along and dominate the market.

Anyway, thirteen hours away from the Cupertino show.

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