Tuesday, March 1, 2011

iPad As My Workstation Tonight

I had dinner with a friend tonight.  Dumplings, scallion noodles, and more dumplings.  Before dinner, I had some time to kill.

I got to the restaurant early.  A lot earlier than I expected.  I guess with the $4 a gallon gas, more folks are staying off the California roads.  If this dinner was not pre-arranged a while back, I probably be home glad that my SUV was not taking me to the poor house.

So there I was, sitting around waiting.  Then I figure I could get some work done.  No games.  Real work.  I made a few calls overseas using the Skype app on the iPad.  During the call, I checked on some Excel files, PDF, and Binged something.  Then I made another call to a dealership that we're trying to sell a car to and checked out the paperwork that was e-mailed to me in PDF.  

After that, I updated my cities in We Rule and We City.  Made my moves on Words with Friends.  Then, it was back to looking at some research for work.  

Then I realized there was a guy who was standing near by watching what I was doing.  Chatting away, surfing the Web, working on a spreadsheet.  I don't know what he was thinking but if that was me, I would be thinking "I'm gonna go and pick me up an iPad after dinner!"

I mean, seriously, could all that have been done with a laptop?  No.  And iPhone?  Sure, definitely but not as easy as the huge 9.7" screen on the iPad allowed me.  Oh, and I had 3G access.  And if I needed something faster, I did have my iSpot as well.  Point is, it would not have been possible with a laptop.  Heck, it would not have been possible with a Macbook.

On the iPad with unlimited 3G access and gobs of hours of battery life, I could afford to do all that without worrying about battery life and the artificial limits that a laptop 3G plan would have limited me to.  

Like I mentioned above, this could have been done with an iPhone.  A year ago, it was the 3GS and there was limited multi-tasking but it was not until the iOS 4 released in 2010 that made all this possible.  But going even a bit further back, say 2008 or 2009, it would have been much more difficult to do.  I would be blogging about a laptop, USB modem with 3G access that costs $80 a month for a couple of hundreds of megabytes of download, and about 6 pounds more to carry around.

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