Monday, March 28, 2011

Apple’s Software Show, WWDC, in June To Focus On Software, No New iPhone 5 Hardware – Not Surprised

I love this rumor which is why I'm breaking my own rules to talk about it but I'll explain why this particular rumor makes a lot of sense.  And hopefully, you will too.

The World Wide Developer Conference is about developers and software.  In the past, Apple had used it as a launch pad for the new iPhone hardware in the June.  And now, people completely expects that whenever June rolls around, it means new iPhone.  

Word was put out, probably by Apple, that we will not see this behavior repeated this year.  I've long suspected that Apple might do this eventually.  And this is especially true this year.  

We have Lion coming in the summer as well as the expected iOS 5. That's a lot of software.  Let's not forget that an updated iWork is still missing.  On top of that, there is the comprehensive mobile, computing, and entertainment vision that Apple will try to convey to the world.  It's difficult to do that with an iPhone launch in the mix.

And then are a couple of things about the iPhone 4 that show Apple is not quite done with it yet  Verizon iPhone.  Apparently, it's doing well and I reckon that CDMA iPhone will see new markets – mostly likely in China.  That'll add a few millions of new sales in the next quarter or two without slowing down sales.  

Then there's this.  The white iPhone that is coming in April.  Apple has confirmed this and even at this late stage, Apple will sell tons of those.

So it never made sense that Apple would introduce the CDMA iPhone in Feb and the white iPhone in April and then release the iPhone 5 in June.

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