Wednesday, March 30, 2011

iPhone Or Apple Rumors and Where They Belong

Here is a great post from Seeking Alpha about why I don't deal with rumors on my blogs (but I love reading them).  The thing is that I think bloggers now should be held accountable for stuff they report as rumors.  In the wild wild West of the blogosphere, rumors are treated as news  The media has gotten lazy and fact checking, let alone, facts are no longer something people in the press are interested in.


It's now the fast pace of here and now.  That means clicks, eyeballs, and impressions.  More often and often, I see some lazy ass writer from traditional media, especially, CNBC, start with "according to Apple blog, X, Apple will be (delaying, releasing)…"


Seriously, talk about lame…


Oh, and for disclosure, I've got Apple positions…long.  As in long long term.  I don't know what its stock price is on a daily basis.  While I do love rumors, let's keep them in perspective.  They're fun to read and by belong on the world of blogs for our entertainment.


No more.  And certainly, no less.

Note:  I chimed in on this issue yesterday because some of what we know as facts, such as the confirmation of the release of the white iPhone just a couple of months before the traditional schedule for new iPhone release just did not make sense.  And the CDMA iPhone did just come out six weeks or so ago.


More at Seeking Alpha via MacDailyNews

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