Tuesday, March 8, 2011

FaceTime And Especially Skype To Benefit Huge From iPad 2

iPad 2 is huge but more than that, it will be even bigger for video conferencing. Likely yo benefit is Apple's own FaceTime. And Skype is likely to have much more to gain than ever.

As a matter of fact, Skype should send Apple a Thank You gift for releasing the iPad 2 with dusk cameras.

More than just boring old video conferencing for enterprise, FaceTime an Skype will gain from the home market. Consider how easy the iPad is robust already, it's icon focused UI allows for an 1-click access to either of the two apps for the less than tech savvy people like our parents and grandparents to stay in touch with their children and grandchildren.

I predict that Skype is likely to make an announcement about a spike in new users and downloads after the iPad 2 goes on sale on March 11th.

Apple's FaceTime offers a seamless sign-in process that will be welcoming to everyone. And its video quality is second to none.

And while FaceTime might have an edge over Skype in simplicity, Skype will dominate because of the tens of millions if not hundreds of millions of users that use its services already.

Skype or FaceTime, the ideal screen size of the iPad 2 for video chat may finally usher in a big change in social interaction.

And I reckon it will be the grandparents who will lead the way.

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