Thursday, March 10, 2011

Case for the iPad (Not iPad 2): It Just Works and It’s Cheaper

I have the original iPad and while I'm not looking to upgrade it just yet because I haven't seen or touched it yet.  The iPad purchase last year was a bit more of faith and Steve Jobs' reality distortion field.  This year, the draw is there but not as strong.  

So, I'm making a case to folks who are on the fence about upgrading their iPad.  I'm also making a case for anyone thinking about the iPad but cannot decide which to get:  the cheaper iPad or the newer iPad 2.

Why you should continue using the iPad?  Because quite simply, it just works.  Until tomorrow, the iPad continues to be the fastest iOS device on the planet.  And for a multi-media device that plays music, movies, and games while allows the user the freedom to be untethered to the wall socket, the iPad simply is second to none, again maybe until tomorrow.

Furthermore, as a productivity tool, I don't see how adding a couple of cameras is going to make the iPad 2 let the user write better or more creatively.  Maybe numbers can be crunched faster in Numbers or other spreadsheet apps on the iPad 2 over the iPad but any heavy duty work will probably be done on a laptop or Macbook anyway.  

Software and gaming?  Right now, there is nothing in the App store that can take advantage of the dual-core CPU and the 9X increase in graphics performance in the iPad 2.  And if you're a gamer on the iPad, you know that things are very good already with the current A4 chip.  

As for iOS, we just go the latest and greatest iOS 4.3.  It means faster surfing for some websites as well as some awesome new features for content sharing at home.  And all that is before iOS 5 and next year's iOS 6 which I am sure is compatible with the iPad.

One more thing: accessories.  Tons of accessories.  One of the thing about Apple products is that they lend themselves to allow the users to be very creative.  Maybe it's the assurance that the devices won't fail and crash in the middle of a marathon workflow, the ease of use, or that it does what the user wants san any complications  Also, I find that customization of the devices also helps.  New case or stand.  I know some people even likes to have covers with awesome designs.  

So far, I've covered why people with iPads already should not be in too much of a hurry to upgrade.  Now, for people who are on the fence who cannot decide which iPad to get:  the original iPad or the iPad 2.

Two things here.  The iPad 2 is future proof.  Dual cameras and if you're the type that likes face-to-face contact, this is it.  That was what was missing from the current iPad.  Slimmer, faster, and offers the same great user-experience as the first iPad.  

However, if you don't care for that, the iPad is a viable option with an added exception that works in your favor:  it's $100 cheaper.  For the same memory and connectivity configuration, you can get the original iPad for a lower price while supplies last.  Before March 2nd, that was not an option.  

Looking at the iPad with 64GB for only $599 wherever they're still being sold, it's looking like one heck of a deal.  

Note: Xoom is a viable (and only true iPad competitor) Android option but at $799 for 32GB, that's a lot to swallow.  I'm hoping competition from the iPad and iPad 2 will compel Motorola and Verizon to drop the price.  Nothing short of a $200 drop to $599 will work.  After all, it's only got 32GB and  beta-ish Android 3.

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