Friday, March 11, 2011

Sold Out! New Shipments Possible Tomorrow

Yup, that's like six places I checked that I thought might still have iPads by the time I got off and head over around 6PM PST. I mean people who did not preorder the iPad last year were generally able to get the iPad model they wanted around midday last year. My friend did that. He did not wait in line at 5am on the morning like I did.

This year, not so. I even thought I could just walk in any time tonight and get it. Well, I made some calls before heading out. It was the regular places. Best Buy. Walmart. Target. A few Targets. All nothing. I checked out three ATT locations. Also nothing.

I chucked to myself. Apple was hoarding most of the stock of iPad 2s for its own stores. By the time I walked to within sight of the end of the line, I was relieved. It was much shorter than I expected.

As I walked up, a man walked towards just said, "they're out".

I don't know how he knew why I was there. Maybe it wasn't really talking to me. After all, he had a look of frustration on his face.

I just came across this 9-to-5Mac post criticizing Apple's iPad shortage and planning. Honestly, I don't think Apple could have done anything other than continue to put out iPads as fast as their factories can.

I know that maybe Apple should have gone a better job communicating with some of the customers waiting for hours in line. I know that I'll be waiting up very early tomorrow and head back out to try again.

Regardless, selling out today was entirely unexpected as far as I'm concerned. I reckon Apple should have anywhere between five to six hundred thousand iPads ready for this weekend. That's just my guess. And that's including online orders. So I doubt there is much for walk-ins like today.

The kind Apple employee who I was able to talk to said they should get another shipment in tomorrow. Perhaps, there might take place at other Apple stores. I don't have much hope about anywhere else.

More at 9-to5 Mac.

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