Sunday, March 13, 2011

iPad: Free Enterprise Is Great But Apple Should Find A Way To Sell To Legitimate Users

I'm still on the fence about this. But after reading a few posts about how some people are pawning off the very scarce iPad 2 on eBay, I wonder if Apple should find a way to sell to legitimate users rather than those who are trying to sell them off with a market-up.

This has happening since the dawn of time, I know. It happened to the iPhones, iPods, and, now, the iPads as well. Still, while I sit here waiting to buy a few more for family members (we plan to make use of FaceTime big time), I see all those iPads just sitting on eBay by users who are not really fans but simply trying to make the most of the shortage (to be fair, they may be making a living as well).

I'm okay with people trying to make a buck. It's free enterprise, right? Still, if there was ever a company who can figure out an innovative process to try to connect legitimate mobile warriors with its products, it's Apple.

I like the idea of helping users activate their iPads on the store. I think that helps. And honestly, that's the only idea I have. Obviously, I'm just a mobile fan, not trained for this kind of thinking.

Nevertheless, I know more than a few of you share my irkness at this situation.

For just how crazy things have gotten, read TUAW's post on how people are trying to make money from the whole iPad situation.

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