Sunday, March 13, 2011

Xoom Is Faster Than The iPad But the iPad 2 "Zoom" Past The Xoom A Few Times Over

Rationalization from a lot of folks, especially Apple-friendly blogs, about the lack of specs about the iPad 2 during Steve Jobs' March 2nd iPad 2 keynote was that Apple is all about the whole experience. And that is correct. However, you can't help but feel a bit nervous for the iconic "post-PC" device for the lack of information.

And this came in light of the fact that what we knew at the time did nothing to assure us. However, over the weekend, Anandtech put all that to rest? What's the answer?

Let's use some math reference. Is "Zoom > iPad 2 > iPad"? No.

It's more like "Zoom > iPad" but "iPad 2 >>>>>> Zoom"!

That right, in Anandtech's review of the speed test, year-old iPad, while slower than the Zoom, held its own against the more recent Nvidia Tegra 2 powered Android tablet, the iPad 2 really blew away the Zoom is a few of the benchmarks.

Powered by Imagination Technologies'PowerVR SGX 543MP2, part of the magic behind iPad 2's new A5 chip, it is capable of displaying 9x (though we all know that's a bit of a stretch) the muscle over the iPad. I'm already impressed with the iPad's graphical prowess but, now with Anandtech's confirmation, I can't wait to get my hands on an iPad 2 to see for myself the speed.

What's significant is that Tegra 2 has been billed by the tech media as the mobile chip to rule them all. Obviously, Apple's investment in a few chip companies over the last couple of years has paid off big time.

The iPad 2 as a whole is faster than the flagship Android tablet by 2x to 5x.

Granted, the Xoom is powering a higher resolution screen but at the end of the day, your average Joe mobile warrior isn't going to care about that. Heck, they're not even going to care that the A5 ran circles around Nvidia's offering.

What we want are the apps, media, and ease of use. Just the whole mobile experience. Apple still has an edge on that but I don't think it's as clear cut as these numbers. What Apple needs to do is innovate on the software front as well. Personally, I want a strong Android coalition to challenge Apple.

Competition is what drives innovation and changes the dynamics of the market. Apple fans want it. Android fans want it as well. Certainly, I do too.

Still, impressive numbers all around for the iPad 2. I cannot wait to see what game and app developers can cook up with this kind of muscle.

More at Anandtech, a must read especially if you're into technical stuff.

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