Sunday, April 3, 2011

First Post From IPad 2 And Initial Impression - Awesome!

This is the very first post I've sent from from an iPad 2. Feels and looks the same as any old iPad. Well, except for the camera facing me from the right and the Smart Cover that is propping up the iPad 2 at an angle for easier typing.

It's overcast in Pasadena, city about 10 miles or so northeast of Los Angeles. You know, where those Rose Parade is held each and every single year.

While this isn't a review, I can say that the screen is very good despite sitting here in the outdoors where I am at at a coffee shop. The overall feel of the screen does seem to be brother than the original iPad with the setting at 50% brightness.

Since I've passed along my iPad to my nephew a couple of weeks ago, I thought I would need to get reacquainted with the layout of the virtual keyboard but it's all second nature to me at this point.

And I only was able to get my hands on the iPad 2 yesterday, I cannot say just how fast it really is. With the original iPad, it was loaded to the rim with apps, musics, and video. So it's possible that it might have had an influence on the performance a bit. I did notice that the iPad 2 felt more responsive than the original iPad. And I thought it had been plenty fast already. In fact, I think both models felt more responsive than the beta-ish Honeycomb on the Motorola Xoom that I played with over the weekend.

And, with the extra memory, I like the fact that Safari is able to load websites in the background, and fast. Unlike the iPad, there is no delays in waiting for some of the more complicated website to load.

All in all, the iPad 2 a worthy upgrade. The extra memory and speed is going to make a big diff once Apple and developers come out with more features and productivity apps in future iOS releases.

For original iPad owners, my short time with the iPad 2 is telling me that upgrading from the iPad might not make a lot of sense unless you want to do a lot of FaceTime chats. The extra speed is nice but I don't know much noticeable it'll be for day to day use.

If you can find someone to pass off the iPad, like a child or spouse, and have some extra money to burn, sure, why not.

And if you want to jump into the tablet market, this is the iPad to get. But aren't sure or is intimidated by the perpetual line at the Apple Stores that you keep hearing about, Go after 10am when most of the Apple Stores are opened and the lines will be gone by then. Check it out. Play with it and changes are, you'll either be joining the lines or going home to order and wait 3-4 weeks for yours.

I don't know what Apple is going to do to top this with iPad 3. Retina screen? You might have heard that Apple might release an updated iPad in the fall. Not a chance. The iPad 2 is just this good. There simply is no iPad competitor that will come onto the market and give users the same experience and dazzle you with the magic.

I am first a foremost mobile tech fan and I do like Android but 2011 is all iPad 2.

Sent from my iPad 2

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