Sunday, April 3, 2011

iWeb For iPad: It Would Blow the Roof Of For Mobile Users And Open Up A New Front In Tablet Productivity

iWeb is the way to go for simple folks like myself who want to create our own sites and manage it ourselves.  Apple has made that such easy, albeit a bit more restrictive than I would like.  It's why I also use Rapidweaver.  Now, news come that Apple has patented iWeb for the iPad.  The question I'm sure many are asking is if such an app will ever see the light of day.  Heck, I'll settle for even a glimpse of it in the darkest of alley.  Okay, makes no sense but you know what I mean.

I'm hoping Apple will make this happen.  There are a few things Apple has to do to make sure it works on the iPad as well as on the Mac.

I've been using iWeb in conjunction with MobileMe to run my Greenjava website, a depository of relevant news on politics, economy, mobile, and coffee.  It works.  Not great but much better than anything that I've come across. But I cannot do that on the iPad.  The thing that is so robust about other web and blogging platforms are that they are so versatile.  You can update blogs from anywhere on just about any platform.  I hope Apple provides a means for iWeb to do just that.

I thought that would come with version 3 of iWeb but as many people who use it as their main tool for Web work, we were sorely disappointed.  Very disappointed.  

And Patently Apple's news about iWeb patent is a good sign.  These days, any news about the iWeb is good news.   I don't know how this is going to work for the iPad.  My hope is that all iWeb files will reside in the cloud and we will be able to work on the files and update it on the Mac, iPad, or any other iOS devices like the iPhone.  A lot of times, I just want to update and post blogs.  I think it would be a no-brainer function for Apple to add to the next version of iWeb, be it for the Mac or iPad.

iWeb would be a very important app for the iPad.  It would be an important productivity tool that so far does not exist anywhere in the app store, as far as I know.   One of the thing that Apple doesn't have to do that Google has to is to create a model device for others to follow.  Just as Google has created the Nexus One and Nexus, and probably a Nexus tablet, Apple should create model productivity tools for other developers to follow.  

The iWeb would be a very important step in that direction.  

I like to see Rapidweaver come to the iOS devices, particularly the iPad.  What other Mac OS tools would you like to see come to the iPad?  

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