Thursday, April 14, 2011

iTunes Points To New iOS Device Or Just About Apple TV - Or It Could Just Be An Innocent Error

Last night, the blogs started buzzing about a potential new iOS device or, possibly, the Apple TV that may soon get app support or access to the App Store.  Right now, it's being called a placeholder.

Since removed, it was designated "ix.Mac.MarketingName".

What could it mean?  Well, it mentioned "Mac" so could Macs be getting the ability, one that I have long advocated, to run iOS apps?

Or could it be just the Apple TV gaining the ability to run apps entirely?  

And maybe, just maybe, this was an innocent error in the coding.  I know what I want to believe this is but I'm not ready to get excited over it just yet.  Heck, it could even be about iPhone 5.

More at CNet.

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