Saturday, May 14, 2011

Eli Could Have Gotten A New iPhone If Stargate Universe Wasn't Cancelled

As you know by now, if you're a Stargate or SG-1, Stargate Universe was wrongfully cancelled after two seasons.  The idiots at MGM not withstanding, I hope it lives on in some form, other media.  Maybe even a TV movie.  However, I'm gonna assume one this.  Had there been a season 3, Eli Wallace, could have received a new iPhone or iPad 2.

See, the fictional Department of Homeworld Security could have established another Icarus base.  It potentially would have been a unidirectional trip.  That means the Milky Way could dial the Destiny but not the other way around.  That means at the very least, the Destiny could get supplies.

That means Eli could get a new iPhone 4, or iPhone 5.  Heck, the crew could be supplied with tablets of their choice.  iPads, I reckon, will be the choice that many onboard the ship will make.  

Anyway, like I said at the top, it's unfortunate that MGM decided to cancel the series and SyFy did not fight harder for the series.  TV/Movie execs are just as spineless as music execs, on the same level of politicians, never willing to make the though choices.  There, I got my shot in.

It would be nice to see today's mobile tech play a bigger role in the fictional universe.  Obviously, we've seen Dells used on SG-1.  That's unfortunate.  But as far as fan fiction goes, we own it and I'd say we should give the crew of Destiny new iOS devices as well as the Thunderbolt Macbook Pros.

Link: Stargate, SG: Universe, Gateworld (no, I will not provide links to MGM or SyFy).

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