Friday, May 13, 2011

Tablet Users Prefer Digital Reading Over Print; Laptop Users Don't

We iPad users prefer reading out our LCD screens over print media by a large margin.  Well, that's not exactly right but it's one interpretation.  By that line of logic, that's 94% of us.

52% of us think digital reading is better than print while 42% thinks digital and print media are about the same.  I think this is something that publishers all need to heed.  Textbook as well as book publishers on down to magazine publishers should understand just how quickly their industries are being transformed in a matter of about a year since the iPad came onto the scene.

I still have books that I like to buy when I head out to Borders or Barnes and Noble.  I like the feel of having a book in my hand.  Nevertheless, I do a major of my reading on the iPad.  And with an estimated 60 million tablets expected to be sold in 2011, the publishers who have not figured out the revolutionary changes taking place, and that's a lot of them, they need to get their acts together or else, they will go the way of the dodos.  

Also, laptop users are not as impressed with digital reading as their tablet counterparts.  So expect more mobile warriors swithc over to the iPad or other tablets over laptops in the coming years.

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