Wednesday, May 4, 2011

White iPhone Or Not At the End of May

I think when my T-Mobile contract ends at the end of May, I'm gonna fight really really hard not to get the white iPhone from Verizon. It's gonna be hard. In trying to help my retired dad and his wife save money, I've decided to take on their mobile bill. However, I am forced to go with Verizon because both ATT and T-Mobile have horrible coverage where they live.

Still, I've got a couple of weeks left. I might even be able to hang through June. I figure I've got a month until we hear something more definitive on what Apple has planned. It is beginning to look more and more like there will not be an iPhone until later in the summer or early fall.

Now, there are smart folks over at Apple running the company. I'm not talking just about Steve Jobs and the top echelon of the executive team but the folks who are forecasting sales. Obviously, Apple is continue to do well with the iPhone 4 and it doesn't appear they will be in a hurry to rush out the next iPhone.

And I would have to agree. It's likely that Apple has found a firmer footing with Verizon in the mix in the US market.

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