Thursday, May 5, 2011

Apple Only Managed To Muster 82% Share of Tablet Market

With the huge iPad 2 launch that began in March and we just finished up April, Apple "only" managed to muster up 82% of market share.

Okay, not being sarcastic or nothing like that.  I thought Apple would have wiped the floor with everyone else.  I think there might be two reasons for this.  

First, despite what folks think, Apple does face meaningful competition from the rest of the tablet market as a whole.  You add in all those Android devices, Xoom, Galaxy, and other minor players, you can probably come up with 10-15% of the tablet market.  Then on top of that, you've got a few Windows versions that are just basically laptops without the keyboards.

Second, Apple was still running into supply issues.  I've had to wait 10 days for our latest 3G iPad.  

So, 82%?  Pretty good but I think Apple could have done better if supply issues did not come into play.  Love to see what May looks like and when Playbook from RIM has had more time on the market  

More at MacDailyNews.

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