Thursday, June 9, 2011

Apple Changes In-App Subscription Rules - Whatever the Reasons, It's Great News

Apple instituted a draconian set of rules for in-app purchases, pricing, and some seemingly anti-competitive barriers in spring.  However, it looks like that walled-off part of the already walled garden is coming down.  

Some changes include not requiring publishers to charge the same price or less for subscriptions between iOS and non-iOS deals.  Now, publishers can set whatever price they well are pleased to do.  Publishers can sell them cheaper for the iOS or make it so expensive that no one will buy subscriptions through the app except through other means.  

One thing that does stay in the app is that there has to be a way for iOS subscribers/readers to buy it in the app.  it is unclear just what this all means for content.  i like to think that we'll see a lot more of it than expected.  

So, why the sudden change of heart?  Competition.  Probably.  Apple has received some input from publishers and worked out an equitable deal.  Apple wants to make more money from selling iOS devices and not changes from in-app purchases.  I think we're getting warmer.

So, whatever the real reason, this is great news for us mobile users.  This will also put pressure on other tablet platforms.  Another example of competition working for us mobile warriors.

More at Cult of Mac.

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