Thursday, June 9, 2011

Mobile At A Food Fair - iPhones And iPads Could have Helped Us Do Better Business

On Saturday, I went to help some friends with their first endeavor into selling food at a small stand they set up.  It was one of the more interesting experiences I've had.  I've done retail before for our family business but never sold food.  

I found that it was hard work but could mobile tech have made it easier?  Maybe even some kind of a bulletin or blog to help understand what's going on and how to go about becoming or efficient?

After all, we all had iPhones except for one and her job was to look pretty and pass out samples.  

And after this week's WWDC, I reckon that for our next food fair, I think iCloud can play a larger role in all this.  For instance, we had a schedule that we could keep and allow everyone to see who was showing up to help out.  Tweeting and updating on Facebook could probably be a way to keep everyone updated as well though I think I rather stay away from Facebook if I can.

Ultimately, we want to be able to use mobile to do better business.  Actually, I think we could have used an iPad to help us show off what we were offering and take videos of customer testimonies of what they thought about our food.

Also, keeping an inventory of what we had and we needed to stock up would have helped as well.  

There are plenty of apps that can help us with our jobs.  Maybe next time, we will try to integrate mobile tech and apps.  

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