Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Apple's Mac PC Are Gaining In Enterprise And Why It Could Be Good For You

Apple's PC share in the enterprise market is now up to 11%. That's nearly 21% growth from about a year ago.  All this is due to two reasons:

Halo effect from iOS.  iPhones and iPads have done wonders for Apple's Macs.  Companies figure that if iOS devices are this great, maybe Macs are just as awesome.  
Then there's the "bring your own" device to work scheme that more companies are adopting.  Allows for happy and efficient workers.  They are not forced upon them devices and PCs that are not elegant to work with.  

It'll be interesting to see where things go from here.  Apple has retained a foothold through its millions of dedicated users throughout the vast business spectrum.  There has some more effort on Apple's part to sell to enterprise but in the short-term, it will still be folks like us who continue to help Apple out.  

Aside from ourselves doing well, why would we try to convince others to adopt iOS devices and Macs?  Think of it this way.  People are apparently more productive since making the switch to Apple's gears.  What's good for your company is probably going to be good for you as well.  If your company or group does well, you can be looking at higher stocks if you get them as a part of your compensation.  Or you could be seeing higher salary or bonuses.  

Source: Cult of Mac.

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