Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Hulu Got Offered For Sale - Not Google. So Who?!

Hulu got an offer for sales.  According to Business insider, tweets from CNBC and WSJ (they're very close to each other) indicated that Google is not the company that made the solicitation.  

So, if not Google, then who?  I know people want to think that it's Apple or Microsoft.  I doubt it.  Between the two, I'd said it's more likely Apple but even that's not likely.

I think Facebook makes more sense.  It has shown interests in video streaming with its own endeavors but I think they've largely been major fails.  

Also, in contention could be cable companies.  They're stuck in the Dark Ages of cable video and getting Hulu could also be a route for the company to avoid becoming dumb pipes for broadband.

Whoever it is, it figures going after Hulu is cheaper than buying Netflix and is a faster route to the living room to challenge Netflix.  

It'll be interesting once this deal is closed.  Can't wait.

Note:  As a mobile fan, I would love to see Apple or Google make the move.  That would be fantastic.

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