Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Apple's New Wi-Fi Routers Coming, Possibly With More Power And Functions Than Before

Wi-Fi routers are nothing we typical give a second thought about.  We get it up and working and pretty much forget about it.  Some people don't even change the admin password.  In the current models, Apple even stick in a hard drive for backup and file storage.  Now, Apple could be giving them the same insides as a typical iPhone or iPad.  

What would this kind of power be used for?  One possibility is iCloud.  It isn't a bit of a stretch here.  iCloud is the link that Apple hopes will propel us from beyond the desktop or laptop and relegate the PC to just another accessory from which we are linked to the iCloud.  And new powerful routers like the ones that Apple is working will enable that vision.

On a smaller scale, I would like to see these routers work as Apple TV as well.  It would go a long way in help iOS enter the living.  Imagine having a router, media streaming device, and a home cloud storage system all in one neat little box.  

And with my iOS devices, I would be able to access all that information remotely from iCloud wherever I am.

Source:  Appleinsider.

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