Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Here We Go Again: Retina-Like Display For the Next iPad - Not!

Months ago, there was rumors that Apple could be looking to release iPad 3 later this fall.  That was even before the iPad 2 was even out.  Various factors were in play that contributed to that rumor.  After Steve Jobs called 2011 the year of the iPad 2, those rumors, which were burning like wild fire, was quickly doused.  Now, it's back.

Hidden within iOS 5 was indication that the next iPad will have 2048x1536 resolution, essentially four times the resolution of the current iPad and the one before that.  Really?!  

Look, I want this to be true as much as the next Apple fan but has it occurred to anyone that if it's in there, it could simply be Apple preparing for the future?  After all, Retina display for the iPhone 4 and future iPhones.  Retina display for the iPod touch and future touches.  So it is simply a matter of connecting the dots that Apple will also be increasing the resolution of the iPad.

But will it be for iPad 3?  Or perhaps iPad 4?  Maybe, not until iPad 6?  

Apple is known for preparing for the future.  According to the initial report, this resolutions was indicated in one part of iOS 5.  Twitter framework.  And so far, it has not been found anywhere else in the upcoming iOS upgrade.  What does this mean?

It likely means that the 2048x1536 display information should not have been there but it was left behind or inserted by accident.  And what it also means is that we simply saw evidence of Apple's foresight, to prepare for the future when they will upgrade the iPad screen with higher resolutions.  

Maybe I'm being overtly cautious about this new development.  And this is now a fact, not a rumor.  And there is definitely a large part of me that want to make the leap Techunwrapped, the site that first reported this Twitter frame where where large images were found, took - that the iPad 3 release will coincide with the iOS 5 release.  So how did they made this connection when only one small part, albeit a new and important one, of iOS 5 has information regarding a potential display with four times the resolution?

I don't know.  I believe Steve Jobs when he said iPad 2 will be the only tablet released by Apple this year.  Apple can barely keep up with demand as it is.  Why made matters worse with an even better iPad?  And like I said at the top, anything found in the iOS 5 could be just about Apple preparing for the future.  A future that doesn't mean next year but the year after that or further.  

Still, this is confirmation that at some point, we will have an iPad with a 2048x1536 resolution.  So, anyone care to speculate on the kind of hardware that'll be needed to power this awesome display?

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