Wednesday, June 8, 2011

FaceTime Over 3G Coming To iOS 5 - But Probably Not All Carriers

If you live in a country, not the US, where carriers are more liberal with their 3G connection and you have an iPhone 4, got some great news for you. FaceTime over 3G is enabled.

Here's a video from 9to5mac that shows it working. I run my iPad and iPod touch off a Clearwire iSpot over WiMax and let me tell you, being able to FaceTime and not be tethered to a WiFi router is awesome.

FaceTime was meant for that kind of use. Unfortunately, that has been been possible in the year since the iPhone 4 came out in the US. See, ATT and Verizon Wireless doesn't allow it.

So, we'll see if the next iPhone comes out for Sprint and T-Mobile and if they're more likely to allow FaceTime over 3G than their bigger US competitors.

Finished watching the video? Awesome, isn't it?

More at 9to5mac.

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