Wednesday, June 8, 2011

iTunes Match Is Music To Labels' Ears But Some Pirates Have Issues With It

It's said that iTunes Match is a great way for music labels and publishers to recoup some money lost from pirated music.  For the monent, let's say that's true.  It also means that some music sharing folks, pirates to some, have issues with Apple's new "one more thing".

They argue that Apple, after matching the music, ends up owning all the data.  One day, music listeners will no longer own any music of their own.  Certainly, I see that things leading into that direction.  

After all, I had thought that with iCloud and iTunes Match, Apple can release a less expensive iPhone with smaller data storage to keep the cost down.  Both of these services would be geared towards this market.  And in this Forbes post, some music execs believe that iTunes Match will eventually head to subscriptions for iOS users and propagate to to other mobile platforms.

I don't know if we're quite there yet or if we ever will be.  Apple has been a staunch defender of music downloads and ownership. I don't see that ever change as long as Steve Jobs or the current crop of executives are still there.

Still, maybe iTunes Match is a bigger deal than I thought if Pirate Bay isn't too happy with it. 

More at Forbes.

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