Thursday, June 9, 2011

Sprint Raises Upload Speed; iPhone Confirmed In the Works For Sprint

In days like what we have when carriers are cutting back on data access like AT&T and Verizon or T-Mobile messing around with what "unlimited" means, Sprint seems to be going the other direction for the moment.  "Unlimited" does appear to be unlimited and now, they're doing even one better.

Starting today, upload speed will reach 1.5Mbps up from 1Mbps.  

This is definitely something to consider going forward for those not happy with the artificial limitations carriers play on our mobile needs i the name of financial games.

More at Phandroid.

Note: Of interest is that there is evidence Apple is working on a Sprint version of the iPhone.  WiMax?  Don't know.  This is confirmed but it's also one of those things Apple do that might never see the light of day. 

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