Sunday, June 26, 2011

Great Look Nokia Phone, N950 - Would Be An Awesome Pairing With iOS

Here is a nice pic of the new N950 from Nokia.  It's is a slide-out keyboard style with an ample keyboard and higher resolution screen that you typically see on a screen of this size, 4".   Unfortunately, it runs Meego, an untested mobile OS from Intel.  However, imagine if it runs iOS 5 - yeah, it would blow the market wide open should Apple ever decide to release an iOS device with a physical keyboard.  

I've tried the portrait keyboard on the iPhone and Blackberry. Then there's the Android G1 that I used for more than a year.  Trust me when I tell you that the landscape with the slide-out keyboard is much better for those who still cannot get accustomed to virtual keyboard.  

Anyway, I'm sure Apple has considered released an iPhone with a physical keyboard but has so far decided against it.  Still one can dream.

Oh, did I mentioned that the N950 has a 12MP camera?  The iPhone 4 has a 5MP camera.  There is expectation Apple will upgrade the camera on next iPhone but I highly doubt a 12MP camera is in play. 

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