Pixar's Brave: $2 Billion At The Box Office Next Year

I watched Cars 2 yesterday. It was pretty awesome but you can tell it was catered to children under 10 or so. I'm just a bit beyond their target market but I still enjoyed it immensely. Heck, I spent $150 at the Disney store on Cars merchandise right after (for my nephews).

Still, it was no Toy Story 3. However, this new trailer for Pixar's upcoming blockbuster movie, Brave, that was previously shown on Cars 2 3D viewings, will put Pixar back on the path of breaking new grounds again.

It'll not only be Pixar's first fairy tale movie (recently Disney ventures into this realm has been dismal and Pixar is going to show them just how to get it right again), Pixar will go back to tell a new original story.

So, I'm going to call it. Pixar's "Brave" will bring in $2 Billion at the box office worldwide next year.


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