Friday, June 10, 2011

iOS 5, 1080p, And Apple TV As a Gaming Console

The following couple of points are what I've found most interesting from today's host of topics:

  • The iOS can display up to 1080p and even record at that resolution
  • And Apple TV is like to display video at 1080p should it get updated to using the latest custom chip used in the iPad 2.  Also, while we don't see evidence of this yet, it looks like Apple TV should gain some more apps and even access to the app store.
Knowing all this, I find it perplexing that this post from T3 automatically equate 1080p with 8MP.  By being able to record at 1080p, they assumed that this means the next iPhone will get 8MP.  While I sincerely hope that they are right, 8MP is still pretty new in the smartphone market.  Apple certainly does have an interest in making sure the next iPhone can go toe-to-toe with Samsung's Galaxy S II and giving the iPhone an 8MP camera would help for customers who only looks at specs to help them make puchasing decisions.

As for Apple displaying video at 1080p, it stands to reason that if the iPhone and iPad have the ability to put out 1080p, it isn't not a big leap to make that Apple will have the ability to do the same.  After all, Apple TV gains the ability to mirror what's on the iPad.  So at least with mirrowing, Apple TV allows users to watch video or play games on the big screen.  

However, this isn't my idea of gaming on Apple TV.  Consider what Nintendo is doing this week with Wii U and it's tablet like controller.  Now, add Apple's special magical touch to it.  That's Apple TV gaming for me.

More at T3, Cult of Mac.

Note:  Wii U has been given a vague 2012 release date.  Apple should have the second generation of iOS Apple TV out this fall.  If Nintendo's newest Wii console could be facing the Apple TV 2 if it's released between the first quarter and third quarter of 2012.  If it arrives in the fourth quarter, it'll likely be a Japan-only launch and it'll have to contend with Apple TV 3.

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