Friday, June 10, 2011

Speculation: Later Than Usual iPhone Launch Could Be A Back To School Thing

As expected, though disappointing nonetheless, there was no new iPhone announced on Monday at Apple's WWDC Keynote.  Steve Jobs did not reach into his pocket and pull out the next best shiny mobile device.  Perhaps, it pertains to something that Apple wants to do.  In past summers, Apple has a back-to-school deal that gives a student who bought a Mac credit for a free iPod or iPod touch.  Perhaps, Apple is trying to drum up sales for the iPhone 4, which despite being a year old, is still one of the best mobile computing device on the market.

If Apple does include the iPhone as a part of the deal, the iPhone 4 can continue to propel sales figures for Apple despite the lack of hardware refresh.  And this would give Apple a huge advantage over its competitors.   A back-to-school mobile deal is not something that easily be duplicated by its competitors.  Microsoft has given away an Xbox in the past but it is geared towards a subset of a PC market.  However, if Apple offered credit for an iPhone 4 with the purchase of a Mac, it means it'll be locking up a student for its traditional computing and mobile ecosystem.

How can Apple potentially implement this?  Apple provides the same credit it offered last summer for a free iPod touch, say $200, and have it apply to an iPhone 4.  So, essentially, Apple will give every student who bought a Mac a free iPhone if they sign up for a two-year commitment.  And since most students will go to college these days with a mobile device anyway, we are talking about millions of additional iPhone sales each summer without Apple lifting a finger.

iPod touch sales could be hurt but I think as far as profit margin goes, iPhone likely makes more money for Apple. There has also been suggestions that Apple should offered a $200 credit for the iPad 2 for students who bought a Mac.  Talk about killing off the tablet competition.  

If what I am speculating comes true and is successful, expect fall iPhone launches to be the norm.

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