Thursday, June 2, 2011

Kid Sells Kidney To Buy iPad 2

Okay, I'll wait in line to get an iPad 2.  In fact, I've done it back in April.  I didn't succeed in getting the models I wanted but I did.

However, would I sell a body part to do it?  I would know sell a body part to even get an Apple IIc way way back then.  But a Chinese kid did.  Regrettably, he found out that it wasn't worth it.

It's really sad and I'm not trying to make light of this.  And the situation occurred in China.  Plus, it's not some early teen kid but a seventeen year old.  He sold his kidney for 20,000 yuan which is about $3100 USD.  Now, the kid's health is failing.  I hope he pulls through.  

This is a really bad symptom of a larger issue of materialism that China faces.  The iPad is a tool. Great but it like isn't being used by the boy further his education or career that we know of.  

More at MacDailyNews.

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