Monday, June 13, 2011

A More Down To Earth Assessment of iCloud And What It Means for iPhone And iPod Users

iCloud is meant to put information at the tip of iOS users.  Literally.  Whether you're on the iPhone, iPod touch, or the iPad or a combination of all three plus a Mac or PC, Apple wants to make it seamless for the user to have the most updated information at their disposal.

In my previous post, I mentioned just how rosy the Techcrunch post was all clear skies.  This Engadget post kinda went the other way.

However, their conclusion is this.  Most loyal Apple fans will stick with iCloud and will find great use for it.  I agree.  I am looking forward to it with an abundance of caution.  

The bottomline is this.  Apple users, competitors, and its blog watchers are all anxiously seeking answers and trying to see it is as awesome as the WWDC keynote last Monday specified.  It will have a huge impact on iOS and Mac users.  Just about everyone who runs iOS 5 and Lion will be impacted by iCloud to one degree or another.  

iCloud competitors like Dropbox are gonna wander if they'll sink or manage to find a way to swim in this cloudy current.  It could be a good or a bad thing.  And competitors like Google, HP, RIM, and Microsoft are wonder if iCloud will having such a large pull that it'll draw away users towards Apple.  

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