Monday, June 13, 2011

Unlocked iPhone 4 at $650 And $750

Looks like it's really happening.  Apple will begin selling GSM unlocked iPhones some time this week.  Multiple sites have confirmed this so I figure it's okay to share them with you.

So far, there is very little known about them.  They will come in both white and black as well as 16 GB and 32 GB models.  Four total.

What does this mean for the US market?  It is difficult to say at this point.  Right now, potential iPhone owners can only buy iPhones through AT&T and Verizon Wireless by signing for two-year contact commitments.  Hefty costly contracts.

And since these are GSM models, anyone who wants to use the iPhone on on a more reliable network will still have to buy them through Verizon - for them, nothing has change.  However, AT&T customers will face the choice of signing up for a two-year contract just like before or buy the device outright for use.  What we don't know is whether AT&T will offer a lower rate monthly for owners of unlocked iPhone 4 since their devices are not being subsidized.  

At the same time, some people might be interested in buy these unlocked version for use on T-Mobile USA despite 3G incompatibilities.  Without 3G support, they will be left with EDGE speed.  Perhaps, to entice them, T-Mobile should reintroduce a lower priced wireless data access for EDGE only.  

The answers we are seeking is probably days if not hours away.  I am sure the Apple bloggers are working hard trying to uncover details from their sources.  

More at 9to5Mac, Macrumors.

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