Monday, June 13, 2011

Sour Taste Regarding Demise of iWeb

I am an iWeb user for my personal site, Greenjava, and the demise of it was confirmed last night when a user e-mailed Steve Jobs about it  When asked if he should look else where to host his website by the user, Jobs answered in his usual manner.  

Just a month ago, I took an Apple solicited survey on iLife and it directed me towards iWeb.  It was an exhaustive survey that gave me hope regarding Apple's plans for it in the future even as most blogs were already saying how it was already dead.

Keep in mind that iWeb is not Apple's first time getting into the web development market.  Remember Home Page from Claris before it became just Filemaker Inc?  Years later, iWeb was an unexpected surprise.  

And now without iWeb, that is Apple really saying?  After all, Apple fought a very public Flash war with Adobe and seemed to have won.  It's main weapon was HTML 5 and how it was better and friendlier for the Web.  

Without iWeb or any other tool, Apple leaves users without an easy mean to develop for it.  Even when faced with the reality of iWeb and hosting coming to an end, I cannot believe that Apple is simply leaving creation of a personal page on the Web to the likes of Facebook and Twitter.  

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