Monday, June 13, 2011

Who Will Be Next To Get The iPhone? I Am Rooting For Sprint But Hope Every Carrier Get It This Fall

We know that Apple will be adding a new carrier or two in the US soon.  The candidates are obvious and if it's both, well then the argument is pretty much settled.  We're talking about Sprint and T-Mobile.  

But what if Apple decides to go with only one?  Should it be Sprint or T-Mobile?  

Before I get into it, I want to say that I have been a happy T-Mobile subscriber for 8 years.  Had been.  Their latest moves regarding "unlimited" data reminds me of the early days of evilness that AT&T went through to quantify what "unlimited" means.  It's false advertising and obviously, no one is doing anything about it.  

So, I'm gonna say that if Apple wants to add only one more network this fall, then it should be Sprint.  And I would happy go switch over.  And I know, chances are that Apple will only support CDMA on Sprint rather than WiMax.  But that's okay.  I'm fine with that.  

However, if T-Mobile does end up getting it, I'm gonna feel bad for Sprint but I won't get too upset over it.  For now, T-Mobile is still T-Mobile and it's not AT&T…yet.

Now, what about other carriers?  Metro PCS or Virgin Mobile?  My good friend, Dave the Mobile Sage, has an Android phone running on VM's network costing him $25 a month.  Yeah, I would consider that in heart beat if I can get an iPhone with them.  The $25 plan includes true unlimited data access just like Sprint.

Supposedly, we're getting new iPhones this fall, probably September.  Again, as a mobile fan, I hope Apple spreads the iPhone love to all carriers in the US – even the second tier or regional ones.  It is time.

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