Friday, July 15, 2011

$1 App - If You Like It, It's Worth Paying For It

People who work hard for their money out to be paid for it.  I know, sometimes, it's easier to just get something to free off the Internet than to go into a store to buy something.  But with digital media so readily available now and cheap, it has never been easier to just buy it rather than pirate it.  

Apple has made it very easy to find and download music, video and apps.  And while video is on the higher side of the cost curve, music and most apps are not.  

And Apple ought to do more about this.  According to Appleinsider, they highlighted one developer who was frustrated that Apple's social gaming service, Game Center, even works with pirated copies of his game.  I can't believe that people are so unwilling to just pay the $1 for it.

I know there are people who there who just refuses to pay for one damn song or app.  I think they are on the extreme. But put yourself in the developer's shoes.  You really are fine if people take away 90% of your revenue?

As for sharing, on principle, I'm okay with that but I know of no one I've shared my media with who deleted after they watched it or if they like it, went out or online to buy their own copy.  

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