Friday, July 15, 2011

Apple Versus Samsung - A Divorce Would Settle Question About Competition And Who's Copying Who

With the open war raging between Apple and Samsung, Apple could be looking else where to source their component needs.  And it likes the first one to be moved from Samsung is Apple's next CPU to be used in their iOS devices.  Of course, this could be a potential short term hit on Samsung's finances but I'm not sure with the market growing so fast, Samsung can find other customers, like Amazon or even its own mobile division, to pick up the slack.  The Galaxy S II is selling on par with earlier iPhone sales.

There is one main reason why I like to see Apple make a clean break from Samsung.  Curiosity.  Plan and simple.  Nothing more.  Nothing less.

If Apple isn't sourcing or provide some information to Samsung so that they can manufacture Apple's components, is Samsung able to continue to push forward their mobile efforts? There would be no cheat sheet that Samsung is able to rely on. And if so, Apple really doesn't have a case in the public court of opinion.  Furthermore, I like to see just how divergent mobile technology can potentially get.

This would allow each side to compete more fiercely than ever before.  I was always uncomfortable with Apple and Samsung's business relationship being so close especially when they are also competitors.  I think a final divorce would be in the best interest of both sides.  It would settle my curiosity whether Apple is trying to stymie competition or needed a peak into Apple's iPhone and iPad to compete.

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