Thursday, July 28, 2011

Amazon's Tablet Plans are Real And Coming This Fall

Amazon is currently getting things ready to ramp up their own Kindle tablet.  I'm using Kindle because its the brand that is most popular within Amazon's own line of products and just as with Barnes and Noble did with Nook and Nook Color, I anticipate that "Kindle" will be very much the name of the tablet.

What's not entirely known are the specs.  Months ago, there was talk that Amazon might include a 4-core chip from Nvidia.  It was a ridiculous notion obviously.  And WSJ is reporting that the the top end tablet will not sport a traditional 10" display but one that is smaller. And there will not be cameras.

I reckon this is probably the result of one of two things.  Amazon really wants to reduce the cost of their tablets or they have yet to develop the skills to build in adequate camera and have been unable to find a source to their likely.

Amazon will be going up against the iPad 2 as well as a second wave of Android tablets.  

You're asking, wait a sec, isn't Amazon's tablet going to be on Android?  Yes and no.  Amazon is probably doing this without Google's blessing and is taking the codes from Gingerbread to do this.  On top of that, this is no unlike what the Chinese "Android" makers do.  They create their own flavor of the Google release.  

And Amazon does have its own app store.  

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