Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Google Plus Traffic Down Mere 35 Seconds Per Visit

The amount of time that people spent on Google+ dropped from nearly six minute to five and a quarter minutes.  That's a drop of 35 seconds.  Is that really worth reporting on?  Well, CNet apparently thinks so.  

Well, folks, let's just say that the decrease can be for any number of reasons.  I'm surprise that the number has not dropped more.  In the first few weeks, you would think that most of the time is spent on Plus trying to figure out how to use it and manage our Circles.  Now that we know mostly how things work on Plus, we don't need that extra couple of minutes looking around for things. 

Further more, Google+ are more savy tech-wise.  True mobile warriors I reckon.  We're probably on our Androids and iPhones.  You don't need to spend give minutes answering, updating, and posting pics.  

And a drop of 35 seconds is nothing at all to worry about.  Plus has already reached twenty million.  I can't wait until early next year when Facebook tries to go public.  

Google Plus really has the ability to steal some of that thunder.  

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