Wednesday, July 27, 2011

In a Blow to iPad, Students Get MacBook Airs

So you know the title of this post made in jest.  Last week, Tim Cook of Apple made the point to say that the iPad was cannibalizing Macbook sales.  And according to MacNN, 2,200 students in Owensboro, Kentucky will be receive Airs.

Intalled on these Airs will be Lion.  Just as important is that iCloud should play a meaning part of these students' education.  

Apple also made it a point to say that this was education deal involving MBA.  

So, not exactly the Air cannibalizing iPad sales but it is important to show that laptops still have legs against the up and coming tablets.  And it's nice to see some sibling rivalry between Apple products.  You can get that while the school was consider the deal,the iPad had crossed the educators' minds.

Question is, so why did the school pick the Macbook Air over the iPad?

Source: Macnn

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