Wednesday, July 27, 2011

HTC Case To Use Video Patents Against Apple Is Weakened Dramatically; iPhone 5 Could Be A Major Disruption

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I generally like to focus on just the mobile part of Apple's iOS and OS X but you can't help but get sucked into the back and forth patent spats between Apple and Android device makers.  And Apple won a key preliminary ruling when an ITC judge ruled that HTC violated two of Apple's key patents.

And just as when it looks like HTC might be able to use some graphics patents they recently acquired, FOSS Patents is saying the validity of those patents may be called into question, further weakening any offensive that HTC might try to mount.  Their sole recourse would be an appeal.  

As a mobile warrior and fan, you can help but hear about this every day.  But perhaps, with HTC signaling that they are willing to sit down and settle this, we could be coming to some resolution soon - one way or another, regardless of whether Apple even wants to sit down with HTC and resolve this or not.

The conclusion is that this will end up well for Apple and it'll ripple throughout the mobile market.  

Then maybe we can finally go back to talking more about the real important mobile stuff.  

iPhone 5:

Looks like I'm inching close to be among those waiting in line along with millions trying to get my hands on a brand new iPhone 5 with a 4" screen and curved back.  

According new case information leaked from China, that is indeed going to be the case here.  In the past, leaked case information regarding iPad 2 were pretty close.  I'm gonna call it and say that the next iPHone will have a bigger screen and back not unlike the iPad or even the iPod touch.

Still, I'm gonna need some additional details before I haul myself out of bed at 1 am to go wait at my local Apple store.  I want to know if the camera is any better, 8MP would be nice, and whether we'll see better battery life.  

The battery life issue alone could sway me.

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