Monday, July 4, 2011

Another Tablet Use: Law Firms Give iPads To Clients To Stay in Touch

The iPad is the tablet right now. There just is not way of going around it. However I believe it's only time until we see Android tablets in greater numbers in homes, schools, and workplaces. Meanwhile here is a prime example of how tablets are currently being used and and where can go from here.

Many attorneys are already using iPads in the offices and courtrooms. However, a couple of lawyers in Phoenix, Arizona had gone a step further. They equipped some of their biggest clients with iPads that will allow the clients to stay in touch with their cases and attorneys.

Think about this. This is a field that has required updated informations at all time. But there are other fields that require up-to-date information for easy consumption.

According to Arizona Central, Fennemore Craig is a personal injury firm but it looks like other types of law practiced could benefit greatly as well. iPads and other tablets used to help with disseminating information or provide informative information through presentations.

This practice could be put to uses in other industries. What'd amazing is that the use of tablets in such a manner is just a transplant of what we can already do on laptops and netbooks but the form factor of the tablet about the size of a notepad is managed to transform the perception of mobile tech and allowed more to be done than just on PCs.

What other uses are available to us on tablets will increase exponentially in the coming years. And yes, while it will happen, it will take years.

For instance, while the iPad is now more than a year old, we still don't see university and Hugh school students carrying around tablets instead textbooks. And yet, we know that day will come. Already, more ebooks are being sold on Amazon than physical books.

If you work in the law industry, imagine going into a meeting with a client with your iPad, Xoom, or Windows tablet and have the interview automatically recorded and transcribed. Then you can just as easily manipulate the information into formats that can be used by other lawyers and the courts.

That day will happen. It could be a while but the day is coming. And imagine the amount of papers, man hours, and other expenses be saved because of this.

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