Sunday, July 10, 2011

Apple's Nortel Patent Win - To Inhibit Android But Changes Nothing For Main Street Mobile Warriors

eWeek examines Apple's consortium win in the Nortel patent win that seemingly denied Google and its allies that included Intel from owning the rights to some valuable 4G technology. And certain anti-trust enforcers are looking into the exchange.

It'll be months and perhaps up to a year before we seem what the Nortel patent winners plan on doing. Exact some blood from Google's hardware partners or simple stunt Android in the market through the courts in an attempt to kill it outright. Like the post mentioned, there are dozens if not hundreds of lawsuits against Google and Android device makers all across the world. HTC is already paying Microsoft per device sold. Microsoft reported is asking for up to $15 per device from Samsung.

Trouble doesn't end there as Apple has launched a massive legal attack on HTC and Samsung. And Oracle is going after Google over Java that could potentially cost the search giant more profit than it has made from Android so far.

Still, all the major bidders had been clear to participate in the process. So it is unlikely that regulators will block the winning bid.

What does this mean for us on main Street? The average mobile user won't see much of a change in selection of devices or functionality of any of the mobile platforms because of this.

It all comes down to access and money. There are plenty of brilliant people out there on all sides who have worked this out.

The winners cannot be too overtly eager to go after Android while they will take a hard stand. Google and Android makers will have to accept the consequence that they did not do enough to win those Nortel patents.

It would be weird to see Apple padding its profit margin through proceeds from every single device sold by its competitors.

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