Sunday, July 10, 2011

Google's Buzz Was Hot But Interests Died But G+ Isn't Buzz

According to Google insider, via Silicon Insider, Buzz had tens of millions of initial "buzz" and looked like a winner before it just fell off the cliff. Why would Google Plus be any different?

Former Googler Sam Johnston said just as much. But maybe it's my bias but G+ has some things going for it that Buzz didn't have.

First, it is not Facebook. In it's short life, Facebook has faster than anyone expected but it has continue to give the media/blogs reasons to distrust it. Privacy violations and changes on the fly has created a backlash almost every time Facebook unveiled a new feature.

Second, one can argue that Google isn't a model guardian of user privacy, Google is currently facing a series of government fines and antitrust probes. G+ is still in beta but it is probably not too keen on giving users pause with any new feature that it is attempting to exploit user information on the scale Facebook does.

One of the reason Buzz died so quickly was the vast bad press Google generates when it was unveiled that Buzz forced everyone to share everything with just about everyone and anyone.

Third, G+ is a newer implementation that, after a short time to get used to the UI, is easier to use than Facebook. Circles is a feature that Facebook just cannot match at this time. The stream feature allows a blend if Twitter and updates feel to it.

It is too early to tell. However, I can see why there is so much optimism. Ultimately, Google has to tread lightly and continue to build on the positive buzz and momentum.

So far, G+ isn't Facebook. That alone may be enough.

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