Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Apple Retail Is Booming; It Is A Bad Measure For The Economy

During the last recession with the whole housing and financial meltdown of 2008, Steve Jobs vowed that Apple will innovate its way out of the recession.  And it did.  It grew faster than most other companies  And put a lot of cash in the bank.  And amazingly, its retail business has grown beyond the wildest dreams of pundits and analysts.  

USA Today's post mentioned that Apple now accounts for a fifth of retail growth.  It's not bad for a singularly narrowed focus on few lines of consumer products.  Just wait until Apple gets into, oh, say, HDTV or something like that. 

In the same post, it suggested that Apple's growth could serve as a litmus test for retail sales.  I suggest this to be a major failacy.  While companies were laying off people during the recession, Apple sales were growing and hiring people.  By that measurement, we had no recession.

It just goes to show that Apple is an entirely different entity all on its own.  And its retail growth will continue to explode.  Just about every major product will be updated between now and just before the Christmas shopping season starts.  How do you hope to try to see how the economy is doing by Apple's measuring stick?

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