Monday, July 4, 2011

Apple Server Hacked - Should We Continue To Trust iCloud?

iCloud is the next foundation upon which mobile computing and just about every one of Apple's technical strategy is going forward. However, even Apple is not invulnerable to hacks.

In a tweet, Anonymous or its associate hacker group, Lulz Security, managed to hack into an Apple server. Though not a whole lot of information was stolen, the message was received loud and clear. Luckily for Apple, they're not the main target at this time.

According to the hackers, they're busy. In a tweet, they stated that "Apple could be target, too. But don’t worry, we are busy elsewhere".

This is particularly worrisome as Apple will make iCloud a large piece of the iOS 5 and OS X ecosystem. Apple has yet to say a word about this. This is typical Apple behavior. They almost never say anything for days or weeks when requested for information.

Just last week, Apple was forced to patch a security hole in its developer website after a hacker group threatened to expose it. According to Macworld, the phishing hole was exposed two months ago.

I reckon we could hear from Apple on this matter sooner rather than later as iCloud is due to launch this fall. As a mobile warrior, I am very excited about iOS 5 and having my data easily accessible from iCloud. Still, unless Apple puts security above all else, people will not be able to trust this.

After all, during Apple's WWDC keynote this year, Steve Jobs pointedly asked in a rhetorical question, why the users should trust them on iCloud when they're the one who brought us MobileMe.

Source: NYT.

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