Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Apple's 15" Macbook With Air-Thinness In the Works - Obviously

Boy Genius Report via Macumors is reporting that Apple is working on a 15" Macbook that may or may not be a part of the Air line up.  

Obviously, no one should be surprised by this at all.  Given Apple's propensity to shake things up from time to time, I reckon an 17" version was probably worked on as well.  Whether we'll see them released into the market is anyone's guess.  Macrumors suggests that Apple is in the late stages of development.  

My curiosity lies on just how much this 15" Air will hold up against the 15" Macbook Pro.  Performance, weight, battery life, and whether it'll still have a dedicated GPU all comes to mind.  And ultimately, how much  

It is conceivable that by releasing a 15" Macbook Air, Apple is finally getting rid of internal optical drives from the entire line of Macbooks.  And we might see the 17" version as well.  What does that mean is that mobile warriors maybe able to carry around their Macs that are a couple of pounds lighter.  

It also means some savings for Apple if there is no optical drive.  Anyone who needs a DVD burner can still buy the Superdrive.  

Now, if Apple can push the battery life back up closer to ten hours, I'm sold on these 15" and 17" Macbook Airs.

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