Tuesday, July 26, 2011

iPod touch 3G Pictured or Possible New Pre-Paid iOS Device

Either it's a mistake on the part of the art department or we can really be seeing and iPod touch with 3G connectivity coming from Apple.

What is interesting is that if this was a mistake, it was one made deliverately to take out whether the data plan comes from ATT or Verizon Wireless.

Now, Cult of Mac, site that spotted this interesting info, is erring on the side of caution here but I think there could be something to this.  

If you compare the touch picture with those of the iPhone pics on Apple's site and the screen of your iPhone, you'll will see that any information about the carrier was taken out by Apple online - after all, Apple doesn't want to favor one carrier over another now that it has two in the US.  

Furthermore, I like to throw this in.  Is this new iPod touch a pre-paid iPhone rather than a new iPdo touch with 3G capability?

I believe it's time that Apple really rearrange the chairs on the mobile deck.  In fact, I like to see Apple throw those chairs overboard and start building something new for the smartphone market.  Abandon traditional telephony and go with a VOIP plan based on FaceTime with just voice.

A VOIP solution from Apple would just blow the roof off the wireless market and put the market into a frenzy.

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